My Background

I am starting this blog because I want to be able to share my love with others. If you found my blog and share the same obsession I do then WELCOME TO MY WORLD and if you don't but happened to stumble upon my blog by accident then welcome anyways (sorry you don't get an excited ALL CAPS welcome because you probably won't stay long). Share with your friends if you want, comment when you want and I will try to write every day even if only one person reads it... I believe in the foundation of diversity and the world would be boring without it but you should always be respectful and encourage one another. With that being said let's get down to business....

My book obsession started when I read.........drum roll please..........

The Twilight Series!!! 

I know, I eye rolls please.. I can't help that I fell in love with Stephanie Meyer stories, she just brings you into the book and makes you feel like you are apart of the story. Can't tell  you how many nights I went to sleep dreaming of topaz eyes and mind reading abilities (can you imagine having that ability..I would read everyone's mind!!!).. After reading the Twilight Series, and lets be honest I read them more than once, I realized how amazing books could be and I continued searching for authors who were as amazing as Stephanie and thats where my story begins....

Leave comments, suggestions, love, even an insult will be nice.. I just would love to talk to other book lovers and talk about my obsession with all of YOU!!!! =)


  1. Thats where my obsession started ha ha I cried when I finished them I mean sobbed, I didnt know what to do without bella and edward in my life... so I read them again lol 6 times in total lol xx

    1. At least I was not the only one then ;)