Want Me To Review Your Book?

I LOVE to read any 

  • NA 
  • YA
  • Erotica 
  • Romance 
  • Indie authors are my fave
  • Paranormal 
  • Sci-fi as long as there is romance in there (Jennifer Armentrout made me obsessed with Alien love stories, so THANKS for that)
  • Fantasy

I DO NOT  particularly like these types of books:

  • Historical books, such as war, presidents etc (sorry I WILL fall asleep), 
  • Nonfiction (unless it is about some famous person that I like that has a drug/alcohol problem and yes I know how twisted that sounds)
  • Biography (again unless it is about a famous celebrity)
  • Western
  • Horror (sorry they freak me out, I don't do blood, guts and gore)
  • Mystery (there are exceptions to this rule though)
  • Christian books (because I feel as if religion is too personal for me to review for others)

What YOU can expect from me... 

  • First and foremost you will get 100% honesty from me so if you don't like it, then I am not the reviewer for  you
  • I will respect your work 
  • I rate books like most places, you will get a 1-5 star rating: 
    • 1-2: this wasn't the book for me, I didn't really enjoy it 
      • 1-2.9 **
    • 3: This book was average, I felt like it was like the other books I have read 
      • 3-3.4 ***
    • 4: You are above average and there were certain aspects of your book I LOVED
      • 3.5-4.4 ****
    • 5: YOU ARE ABOVE THE REST and your book kept me HOOKED
      • 4.5-5 *****
  • Even if I didn't enjoy your book I WILL post the review no matter what, on this site
  • I will have your review done in the order that I received it unless you NEED it done sooner in that case just tell me and I will be happy to work with you

Remember I am a BOOK FANATIC and asking me to review YOUR work is the equivalent of telling someone they won a free vacation and money. I love and appreciate YOU for asking me to do this for YOU so don't be afraid to ask me. But in return please, please, please share what I reviewed so I can get more people to see my blog and follow me. This is my passion and I LOVE to do it, so I want as many people as I can to read my stuff! 

Authors: whether the review is good or bad, remember that YOU have done something you LOVE and NOBODY can take that accomplishment away from you so be proud of what you did and keep it up!! 

Am I the blogger for you??..

Here is a list of ways to contact me:

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