Thursday, March 12, 2015

{Review}{Giveaway} Djinn and Tonic by Jasinda Wilder

Detective Carson Hale knows Leila is hiding something from him. He's in the hospital after a strange and inexplicable attack destroys his favorite bar, the Old Shillelagh. While the attack leaves Carson with stitches, bruised ribs, and a concussion, Leila is mysteriously uninjured, and she either can’t or won’t offer a satisfactory explanation. While her lies and evasions are setting off his detective instincts, her body sets off other alarms.

Leila Najafi has a lot of secrets and a complicated past. She ran away to Detroit to get away from her family, but she's been been discovered by the one man that could destroy her. Sexy detective Carson Hale blows into her life at the worst possible time. Now Leila is forced to make a decision that could both cause heartbreak and war. 

I really don't know where to begin with this book... I almost stopped reading it a million times because it had subject matter that irritates me and it was driving me bat shit cray cray.. 
BUT, I am glad I didn't because by the end, I was really enjoying Carson and Leila's story. 

Well, lets come out with the one thing that drives me crazy, and that is insta-love... I literally cringe and want to run away from the book when the big "L" word is thrown around after only a five minute conversation (no that didn't happen in this book, but almost). I didn't feel the connection between the two characters. They barely talked before they were claiming to never want to live without one another...

It just seems fake or rushed or any number of insincere things... 
Yes, I know people believe in love at first sight but this wasn't even "like" at first sight because they met each other before this book and then all of a sudden they were obsessed with each other after one kiss?? 


I guess that was one HELL of a kiss... lol

BUT with that being said, continuing with the story, I got "it" towards the end. They have a strange relationship, a fast-paced, rushed relationship that went from 0-100 in a matter of moments. And even if it was crazy fast, it had a lot of chemistry, just wish I could have felt it a little more. 

Another thing that bothered me with this book was Carson... He seemed like an intelligent guy in the previous story, I liked him in that book. He was putting clues together and trying to explain the unexplainable. But then in this story, he seemed slow on the uptake. Leila would do things and he was like, "oh, I guess she's not human"... 

Ummm... wow, welcome to the club captain obvious... haha.. 

He is a very analytical guy and even when she did things right in front of him, he was still so lost. 

Poor guy...

The story itself was fast-paced, full of romance with little paranormal aspects sprinkled in here and there to make it a little stormy (PUN intended).  I thought there would be more paranormal and more explanations told in this book but it is solely based on a relationship, rather than djinns and ifrits... 
So, even people who do not care for paranormal stories, will like this series because it has a lot more romance than anything else. 

The sex is freaking, outrageously hot but I didn't expect anything less with a Jasinda Wilder novel. When her name is on it, you know the book is going to be epically humid... 
Just have your husband or B.O.B on standby because you will definitely need it. 

But, even with the lack of information that I wanted, more questions than answers, and even with the insta-love, I still enjoyed this book because the ending made it much more enjoyable. I am looking forward to the last one and really hope I can find out about this feud and how everything is going to come together or go down in the end. 

Plus, the last book is about Nadira and OMG she is one kick ass Djinn!!! I loved her in this book and I am really looking forward to her story!!!

You can get the first book in the series below, I recommend reading that one before diving into this one!! 


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  1. So far I've only read Jasinda's New Adult and Contemporary romances, so I'm looking forward to reading this paranormal series. I already have Jack and Djinn (The Houri Legends, #1) so it's time to add Djinn and Tonic to my collection as well.