Monday, August 4, 2014

{Review} In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni

In 2021 the world as we know it changed. The government collapsed, and the worst characteristics of human nature were shown as the world fell into ruins. Years after The Fall, the Tribes that were established are still at war. They still fight to keep what they pillaged, and most of all, they fight to keep their lies a secret. In a world filled with deception, nothing is as it seems.
I was born into this world.
Hunter Marks was molded into this world; a General— a person cold and harsh. A person meant to kill me.
We were told to just believe.
We were taught to never question.
We’re supposed to be robots and accept our roles in this altered society.
Too bad Hunter and I don’t follow the rules.
And we’re a hell of a lot stronger than they ever thought possible.
They’ve been searching for the world’s deadliest weapon. 
It’s me.
And I’m not following the leader any more

This novel was an interesting concept. From reading the description I was instantly interested in reading it. When I received the book I was immediately attracted to the action it had and trying to figure out all the same answers that Kate wanted to know. When we were introduced to Hunter and his swoony mannerisms, the book became even more action packed and interesting! 

The dystopian feel, futuristic concepts, and the whole premise was intriguing but there was certain dialogue that put me off. I didnt feel the chemistry between Hunter and Kate like I wanted too. I didn't get the good vibes/feels from them and it was kind of blah. 

But both characters were strong and they didn't crap from anyone, which was nice. Nobody likes a whiney character and I didn't get that from either of them. They fought, wanted answers, and sought them out, even if they didn't get told a lot of what they wanted to know. 

The whole dystopian concept does take a backseat to the actual characters of the story but I think that may be due to Cassandra wanting to get more involved in the storyline with future books. More answers should come and I will just have to be patient and wait for them. 

Overall, I give this first book a 3.5/5 "Hunter is one hot Alpha" stars and I recommend to anyone who is looking for a good read, not steamy with and interesting concept in what happened to the world in the year 2021!! 

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