Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just found out that Rebecca Donovan's Out of Breath has a release date of.....

JULY 2nd!!!!!!..

I can't wait to read this book. I remember buying the first two books last year when they came out and being so mad that the third one had yet to be released!! 
Seriously this was me finding out that the third book wasn't out....

Im happy to report that I am now relieved it will be out soon, I mean July is not that far away.. It's only 151 days 7hrs and 27 minutes from the time I have typed this.... Thats nothing!!! 

But until then I will dive head first into many more amazing books by amazing authors and wait patiently for this next one to be out.. I am so excited!!!!!!! 

pssstttt now it is only 151days 7hrs and 25minutes from now.. see how fast that went??? ;)

You can pre-order this book here:

I did already =)

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