Friday, August 9, 2013

Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson

Tasha Skinner finally shed the baggage of a failed marriage. Now, she’s looking forward to a night of margaritas and man-bashing. Tasha’s friends have other plans, including Leather, Lace and liberation.

Dylan Caprese didn’t want to go to Marquee, but he and his friends were on a mission. They took it upon themselves to make sure things didn’t get out of hand when wannabe Doms mixed alcohol with playtime at the monthly Leather and Lace night.

From the moment he set eyes on Tasha, he knew there was something different about her. She wasn’t some bondage babe who thought she knew what it meant to be into BDSM. She was much, much worse; she was innocent and trusting. He can tell she is something precious.

When Tasha’s past threatens to destroy her, Dylan begins to realize that while their paths have never crossed, their lives most definitely have. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late?

My Thoughts

"Holy Angel of Fuckdom"

So I saw this cover and just HAD to review the book.. Can we say.. YUM??
I wanted to motorboat his chest.. all day long!

I liked this book but wasn't in love with it. 
It gave me everything I expected and I think that is what upset me a little bit, I figured out everything from the beginning so I was left disappointed when it ended.
 Plus the author didn't give me all the information I wanted but do I still think this book is good enough to read and fantasize about??.. 

why yes, yes I do.

I loved Dylan Caprese's muscular face off!! 
I believe he even made me purr like a lil sex kitten while he was "speaking".. 
Tasha on the other hand, annoyed the ever living shit out of me from the very first page to the very last but I did like her in the end, but just a tiny bit. I think the biggest thing that annoyed me is that she really didn't grow as a character she had more to be improved upon but that's just my opinion.

I also didn't like the way Dylan called Tasha "precious" it reminded me too much of "Silence of the Lamb" or the evil witch from a fairy tale "come here my preecciiouss" muahaaha 
but thats just me and Tasha hated it too but Dylan is a dom so he didn't care what she said ;) 

The author also left some information out that didn't let me connect totally with the characters. It was mentioned Dylan owned a tattoo business and then it was never mentioned again while he was working. It just seemed weird that the author would mention it but then never hear about it again throughout the story. 
Tasha mentioned going to see her mother for brunch and then her family was never mentioned again, was she close with her family? Did her family know about Nick's abusive ways? How did they feel about her marrying him at such a young age? All these questions I kept asking myself while reading and I think if there were more information on Tasha and Dylan's background the story would have blown me away but I feel a little cheated. 
Also, it is a BDSM book and although the sex was hot and steamy, it didn't scream BDSM. I needed more whips, chains, flogging, nipple clamps, it was more vanilla than what I was expecting
(Christian Grey ruined me for any other BDSM)

Now that does not mean I didn't enjoy the story because I really did. I was invested, it kept me turning the pages and I hope to read more about these characters in the books to follow. 

I liked the basic foundation of the book and I wasn't exactly sure where the story was headed at one point, whether it was going to be about crazy ex-husbands, best friend's backstabbing, relationship triangle, or just about being introduced to BDSM in general. 

There were so many different elements and when it finally took the turn that made me realize, "oh ok I know where this is going", I figured out the rest of the book before reading it. But it was still entertaining even if I did predict it, which made me happy. 

I liked the alternating POV's, those are always my favorite besides first person POV because it gives me both sides of the story without the author writing two different books. 

Dylan was everything I wanted in a DOM, alpha -I am going to own your soul- male. He was sexy as oh holy hell, smart, funny, confident, and a heart of gold. He took care of what was "his" and I just simply drooled over him. 
He tried to fix what was broken in Tasha and introduce her to his world. He wanted her beside him with everything in his life. Personal, business, everything! It seemed he wanted to control all aspects of her life but really he just wanted to make sure she was taken care of no matter what. It was sweet, I dug it!

"All I know is that when you got scared, I felt your pain in my chest. When I look at you, I want to make sure no one ever hurts you again"

I also loved Zeke and Tommy, and I am glad Tommy's book will be out soon because I want to know more about these characters and I am hoping the next book will provide more insight.

Overall I give this book 3*** and I am excited to read more from this author and hopefully the series 

Here is the link for the kindle version of Unexpected Angel, go read it for yourself!!

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