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{Review}{Excerpt} Twisted Ties by K.A Robinson

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Twisted Ties 
K.A. Robinson

Two years ago, Emma Preston walked away from Jesse Daniels. It is a decision she has regretted ever since. Plagued with the knowledge that Ally’s lies tore them apart, Emma enlists Jesse’s former best friend, Andy, to help her search for him. 

When he left California, Jesse was determined to start over in West Virginia with his mother. Now, the past is determined to catch up with him—first, with the appearance of Ally, and when Emma and Andy come back into his life.

Just when Emma thinks she’s found Jesse, a dark secret and misunderstandings force them apart before they can even reconnect. Jesse is torn between his love for Emma and protecting his childhood friend, Ally. Ally has an agenda of her own, and she’s not about to let Emma get in her way—even if that means getting rid of her…permanently. 

Can Emma and Jesse’s relationship survive all of their twisted ties?

***18+ only for adult content including, but not limited to, sexual scenes, cursing, and extreme violence.***

My Thoughts
This book was not what I was expecting... all! 
When Shattered Ties ended, Jesse left, and Emma was heart broken.

When Twisted Ties starts, Emma is with Andy headed to good 'ol West Virginia, to see if  they can "bump" into Jesse while they are there. Emma knows it is a long shot, especially after two years of her trying to find him and finding absolutely nothing. When they get to WV, there is a whole lot more drama waiting for them and shit hits the fan from almost the beginning. 

There were twists and turns, along with enough angst to choke an elephant! I wanted to fast forward certain parts because it drove me crazy but I am glad I didn't because I would have missed a lot. I am not going to go into too many details because it would ruin the fun of experiencing the craziness for yourself. And trust me when I say there is a LOT of craziness in this book. 

I still loved Jesse, and Emma seemed a lot more confident within herself in this one, which made me happy because it meant she was finally sticking up for herself. We see her relationship with her mother evolve a few times and I wish K.A would have put more of that in the end. I wasn't sure if I believed the crap her mother was spewing or that her mother would just automatically change after knowing Emma was.... well, you'll have to see for yourself when you read it. 

I really loved Andy and I hope he finds the right girl to knock him on his ass because I think he deserves happiness after all that went on in this book.

If you loved Shattered Ties, then I would recommend reading Twisted Ties because you need to see how it ends and trust me when I say, it is not how you are expecting!!

Overall, I give this book a 4/5 I love Jesse and Emma stars!!! 

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