Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Review} Pieces of Perfect by Elizabeth Hayley

 Pieces of Perfect

ADULT CONTENT - Only Suitable for 17+.

As a sexy ex-hockey player, Max was the bad boy with something to prove. As a handsome single father, Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for. Each man would take me on a journey of self-discovery that was marred with lies, jealousy, deceit, and a whole lot of fun. They each offered a glimpse of happily ever after, a piece of perfect. But in my constant quest to have it all, I would risk losing everything. Only one thing was certain. I’d never be the same after this.

My Thoughts
Ok I was not sure about this book until about 90% into it...But there was something that told me to keep reading, keep experiencing and keep getting turned the fuck on because my GOD was the SMUT fucking HOT!!! 

GeeeSUS there was a fire in my PANTS!! 

This book starts out with a literal BANG... At first I was like whaaatt... This isn't real life (well duh it's fiction) but come on this is stretching it a bit much. But then I was like whoooaa this is totally effing HOT (no longer giving a fuck that its not real life)... 

So I get into the story and me being me never read the synopsis because I like to be surprised. Now I am regretting this decision because FUCK its a fucking LOVE triangle... 
UGGGHH I hate love triangles they make me want to kick kittens and babies everywhere (no, not literally). So I am mad that I didn't read the synopsis but I am totally invested in this book, I can't put it down. 
But I am hating the heroine, Lily, but I still cannot put it down. 
I'm entranced, I need to see what happens. 

Reading on, I am still hating Lily and her stupid ideologies about her future and what she wants in a man. She can't be with one because he is reckless and bad for her but yet she can have sex with him whenever, wherever??? And then hates it when other woman treat that particular leading man like garbage but she is doing the same thing??!! 

Ugh it was so frustrating...

But Max and Adam are totally taming my rage and making me want to cream my pants from their dirty, dirty mouths... WHooOAa baby!


I get to the end and I was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I seriously LOVED the ending of this book!! 
FINALLY, a fucking love triangle with an ending that is fucking believable!! 
I felt vindicated but I also felt emotional and wanting more of Lily... 
Yes, the cunt grew on me by the end and I wanted to see what was going to happen... 

No HEA for this book so you HEA lovers will probably shit bricks but I LOVED it... 
It made me believe more in the story, completely turning it around for me. 
Instead of the authors giving readers what they expected the authors flipped it around and ended it... perfectly. 

I just, wow... seriously this book was great.. 

There were some scenes that caused my brain to malfunction... 
I mean, sex in the auditorium with kids on the other side of the curtain I think that was taken a little too far. Totally, wickedly, HOT and probably in some porn somewhere...
BUT still set my nerves on edge and made me a little sick. 

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves some great SMUT with a Love Triangle and some snarky banter that leaves you in complete stitches from laughing so hard. 

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About the Authors

Elizabeth Hayley is actually “Elizabeth” and “Hayley,” two friends who love reading romance novels to obsessive levels. This mutual love prompted them to put their English degrees to good use by penning their own. The product is Pieces of Perfect, their debut novel. They learned a ton about one another through the process, like how they clearly share a brain and have a persistent need to text each other constantly (much to their husbands' chagrin). They are currently getting ready to release Sex Snob, a novel centered around Lily’s roommate Amanda, and have also begun writing the sequel to Pieces of Perfect.

“Elizabeth” lives with her husband, one and a half year old daughter and nutjob of a dog. “Hayley” lives with her husband and her own crazy dog. They are about to adopt a newborn son in November. Elizabeth Hayley's writing motto is best captured by the words of Patrick Dennis: “I always start with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.”