Friday, February 15, 2013

The Red Fox

I got the pleasure of being asked to review this novella from Kim Hunter called The Red Fox...

Here is the description from Amazon...

Leaf has a past. A reputation that dates back three generations; but she's also strong willed and determined to keep a promise she made long ago to the only person who ever cared for her. Despite her tragic home life, and her track-record with guys, she is determined to graduate her senior year. To do so she has to wrestle with those urging her to give up. Her experience in life tells her that guys are only looking for one thing from her, but when she meets someone new who wants to know her heart and not her body she faces a challenge harder than fighting to finish school--the challenge to believe he really is different and that what he says about her inner beauty really is the truth.

Jay has a dream he is determined to follow: His love for drawing portraits and his passion to express the inner beauty he sees in others. Despite his parent's pressure that he pursue studies in the medical field, he continues to pursue his passion for drawing. But other challenges in his life are not so easy to overcome. When his school life becomes unbearable because of bullying he transfers out of New York and moves in with his aunt and uncle in a small town that feels a million miles away. It's there he plans on finishing his senior year. It's there that he first meets Leaf, the Red Fox, and everything in his life changes.

A Teenage Romance That Can't Be Stopped.

He wants to help her see her pure inner beauty. She wants to help him discover his heart of courage. Between them stands an entire senior year, led by her recent ex-boyfriend, who are determined to keep them apart. But where fear is used to separate, love is embraced to overcome.

My thoughts on the novella:

I thought this novella was short, sweet and covered teenage issues that plague them daily. Hunter covered peer pressure, bullying and finding yourself when everyone around you believes something different about you. I feel that the character Leaf was developed but the other characters needed some work and more background information for them because I felt like they were lacking more characteristics and needed more depth to them. Other than the lack of character development it was a good story! It was kind of predictable but still easy to read and had a good moral to the story. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a short, easy read with good morals. 

I give this novella 3*** and you can buy it here for only $0.99

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