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A Brand New Ending (ARC)

"We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love."

I was given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review..
Thank-You for giving me this opportunity and here is what I thought of
A Brand New Ending by S.A. Rolls...

Description from Amazon:

Phoenix Harper never imagined her life would come to this: A life not worth living anymore.

After a failed suicide attempt, Phoenix is sent to be observed at a local psychiatric hospital. There she meets Braeden Harris, a hospital aide with his own haunting past.Not long after their first encounter, they feel an unexplainable pull towards one another. Will fate bring them together, or will outside forces tear them apart?

                                                 My thoughts:

I really liked this book.. I ALMOST loved it buuutt the writing was a little off for me BUT that didn't deter from it being a really good book.

It was different from the normal books I have read lately and that is what I did LOVE about it. I was hooked from the very beginning, then a couple chapters in I was still hooked, it started to drag a little bit, and then the ending completely threw a curve-ball to my face!! I was like WHOA did that really happen???.. WTF...Am I reading the same book???, I was not expecting that ending and then I started to understand a lot of the magical elements that seemed to happen in the book and it all started to make sense.. While reading the book I was like OMG that is not even plausible, how can that happen, this book isn't real life but alas at the end I finallly got it and I was pleasantly surprised. I love books that can surprise me and this one definitely did!
(You have to read the book to know what I am talking about)

Phoenix tries to commit suicide but with the failed attempt, it lands her in a psychiatric hospital where she meets the lovely Braeden. They have an instant connection, it wasn't love at first sight or anything but it was different, like there was a pull towards one another but they couldn't explain why it was happening. 

After they try fighting the connection towards one another they finally give in and are together. There are a lot of twists, turns, drama, swoon-worthy, and panty dropping moments after they officially become a couple and you are rooting for them to stay together to the very end of the book. You know that Braeden is not only Phoenix's first love but he is the one person in her life that makes her feel safe and that is something she has never felt before in her life. Braeden never let anyone in after the tragedies happened in his past but Phoenix wormed her way into his heart and soul and his new mission was to always keep her there and to keep her safe. 

I loved the other characters in the book as well. Rain and Donovan were my next two favorite characters besides the main ones. The only character I did not get was Braeden's dad. He confused me because he could be so compassionate and sweet towards Phoenix's but with his son he seemed very distant and cold. 

If you want to read a good book with quirky characters, swoon-worthy moments, drama, and a twist at the end then I suggest you pick this book up now, you will not regret reading it!!! 

Snippets from the book:

"It's too late for me, Braeden. I am broken beyond repair," I say, my throat tight. "You deserve better. You deserve someone you can touch. Who has the capability to…feel."
 (Kindle Locations 2077-2078)

Love is hard. Love is rough. It will viciously rip open your chest, leaving your heart vulnerable. At times things will be perfect, and at others they will be worse than you can even imagine. But, in the end, even the bad turns into the good."
 (Kindle Locations 3153-3155)

"Death captures the dying, but sorrow steals from those left behind,"
 (Kindle Location 3493) 

I have a hard time regretting the decision that brought me here. He was my fate. He is my destiny.
 (Kindle Locations 4625-4626)

I give this book a 4/5
If you want to own it yourself on your Kindle here is the link:

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