Thursday, April 25, 2013

SWoOoON-WoRThY ThursDAY!!!

Swoon-Worthy Directions
  • Grab your current/just read book 
  • Turn to a swoon worthy moment
  • Post it and make sure to provide details of where 
  • Make sure to let everyone know what books it is from so they can enjoy it as WELL

Ok if you haven't been keeping up with me then you don't know BUT if you have then YOU know that I have been living in the magical world of The Premonition Series by the talented Amy Bartol, so this SWOOOOONNN WORTHY Thursday is going to have a SWOOOON moment from each of the four books... 
Now, this is a hard one to type because there were soooo many freaking swoon-worthy, panty-dropping, moments in each book that it is REALLLLYYYYY HARD to pick one from each.. BUUUUTT I have accepted the challenge and must persevere.. 

Reed’s face inches closer to mine on the pillow as he says, “Let me try to explain something to you, Evie. All of these years that I have been here, it is as if I have been sleeping. I have to always pretend to be something that I am not— pretend to be human. When I am not pretending to be human, then I am hunting evil, vicious angels who want nothing more than to…” his voice trails off and there is hollowness in his tone that reflects the loneliness of his existence. “But now, I am awake, for the first time in my existence, and not only am I awake, but I feel flames when you are near me. You have changed things for me. There is no reason to pretend around you. If I had to live without you now… now that I know what I have been missing…” The need in his voice makes me want to promise him anything, give him anything, just to fill that void in him. “I cannot go back to sleep, Evie. You are the only thing that makes me want to live. If you leave here, if you ascend to Paradise, or even if you are cast into the abyss, or taken there by the Fallen… I will have to follow you, no matter where you go. Even if I have to pursue you into the dark… if you cease to be, then so will I. You are my sin and my redemption.”
(pp. 308-310) Kindle Edition. 

Evie: “I have thought a lot about you and the way that you can hear my heart. You said it sings to you, like the call of the Sirens to a sailor at sea. I think it sings to you because you were listening with your lonely heart and it calls to you because it is meant for you. I’m still here… I would’ve given up without you. You’re why I survived.
(164-167) Kindle Edition. 

Reed: “I would be here without any of that. I’m here because every time she smiles, it’s like Paradise opening up to shine upon me. I’m here because of the way she loves me with no reservations. She doesn’t hold anything back, but gives it all to me as if there was no one else like me in the universe. She has no idea that she alone is the unique being,”
 (4855-4858) Kindle Edition.

Reed: "Her heart begins to sing to me, the Siren’s song that’s calling me to shipwreck. I go to it willingly. When her lips meet mine, I know I’m lost, I’m found— I’m home".
(7880-7882).Kindle Edition. 

GAHHH Can't wait until June so I can get my grubby little hands on Iniquity...
 Oh and if my not so subtle hints this week weren't enough for you then here it is in plain english:


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