Thursday, April 18, 2013

SwOOoOn WorTHy Thursday..

I haven't done a swoon-worthy in a LOOOOONNNGGG time.. 
So I am going to do THREE swoon-worthy moments from the last three books I have read...

Swoon-Worthy Directions
  • Grab your current/just read book 
  • Turn to a swoon worthy moment
  • Post it and make sure to provide details of where 
  • Make sure to let everyone know what books it is from so they can enjoy it as WELL

Swoon-Worthy Moments:

Number One from 
Renee Carlino's Sweet Thing:
Share your words 
Share your music 
Share your love, your passion, your fears
Your hopes, and your dreams 
Share your precious heart 
Share your wild mind 
Share your special soul with me 
and I promise to 
give you all of mine.
 (Kindle Locations 3514-3516)
This was one of my favorite parts of the book.. It had me tearing up

Number Two from 
S.A. Rolls A Brand New Ending:
"I would have found you anyways, Seraph," 
I say into her ear. 
"We were meant for each other. You belong to me and you always will."
 (Kindle Locations 3605-3606)
Totally swooning my pants off 

Number Three from 
Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

I brush my fingers down her cheek. “You’re such a special person. You should always be treated like somebody.”
(Kindle Locations 2970-2971)
I CAN'T WAIT for the second book in this series.. I need more Jack Henry in my LIFE

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