Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'll Be Here by Autumn Doughton

So I have to admit that I read this book a while ago but I was so involved in my book reading marathon at the time that I forgot to review it after I was done reading it.. 
Whoops sorry Autumn I swear it wasn't intentional.. 
I picked up this book from Amazon after a recommendation from a fellow book blogger and I was all like: 
"Oh HEY the author's name is Autumn and well, thats the most badass, awesome, beautiful name...EVER so what the hell why not".. 
I wasn't disappointed either.. 
I mean her name is Autumn so I was pretty certain it was going to be amazing..

Here is the description:

For the past two years, Willow James has been building the perfect life--a life that centers around Dustin Rant, her dimpled, sports-car-driving, cologne-wearing boyfriend. Willow and Dustin have lots of plans. Plans for college, prom, tonight actually. So, when the unthinkable happens, and Dustin breaks up with Willow over a plate of cheese fries at a steak house, she is left stunned and heartbroken.

With less than two months until graduation, Willow has to start a new life from scratch. She'll have to revisit old wrongs along the way and make the most important decision of all: who does she want to be? She’s going to have help from her wacky ex-best friend, her bohemian mother, and an old flame that is suddenly and somewhat inconveniently back in her life

My Thoughts:
I really LOVED Willow's character. 
She was smart, sarcastic, funny, and all around NOT annoying which was her best quality. There are many characters out there that I have wanted to escape their brains so I didn't annoy myself and THANKFULLY this book wasn't like that!!
I also loved the little quotes in between each chapter, they were very thought provoking or just ironic.
This book starts off with Willow's boyfriend of two years breaking up with her and Willow being devastated by it. The funniest part about that whole situation (leave it to me to find humor in a character's sadness) was that her mother acted the same way I would have acted if my daughter ever came home and told me she broke up with her boyfriend. 
AND the fact that her mother rather Willow date a semi-badboy instead of a straight lace, football player, it's different, unique and I adored it. 

"Dustin is (or was) a little too “square” for her liking.   Most mothers would be thrilled with a sports-coat-wearing young man, but Julie Beagle is not most moms.   She tolerated Dustin just barely.   My mom admires people that push boundaries and inspire “movement,” whatever the hell that means".

 Then the story moves on to showing how Willow tries to get over her EX. Of course she also finds out the REAL reason that Dustin dumped her and it's breaking her heart all over again. She finds herself friendless, boyfriend-less, and the laughing stock of the whole school.
Although she is living through hell at school, she actually starts to find HERSELF and what SHE wants out of life. She starts making changes and starts mending friendships from the past, sketching like she used too and the real Willow starts shining through.
Then enter Alex.. 
OH Alex is such a hunk that I would love to sink my teeth into him as well.
Willow and Alex pretty much grew up together and she has harbored feelings and intense attraction to him as well, but after their "almost kiss" where he ultimately rejects her, she is embarrassed and never wants anything to do with him again, except from afar. 
They start talking and the chemistry is unmistakeable!

There are some twists and turns and the ending is just as amazing as the beginning. 
But I feel like there needed to be MORE of everything, it was too quick but that did not deter from the book at ALL..

This story is about forgiveness, heartbreak, grief, finding yourself, and best of all, falling in love...

I give this book a 4/5 and I recommend it to everyone..

Quotes from the book:

What can I say?   I have a paper sniffing problem.   Things could be worse.
(Kindle Locations 396-397)

“Yeah, maybe you were a bad friend but I’m a good friend so I understand and I’ll take you back.   Let’s just begin again.”

 (Kindle Locations 1284-1285)

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.   The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. ~ Ray Bradbury
 (Kindle Locations 2057-2059)

If you want to check this book out for yourself you can go here to buy it for your Kindle:

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