Thursday, October 17, 2013

{Author Interview} with T.A. Anderson *warning: excessive cursing and c words*


    If you could be stranded on a deserted island with ONE fictional character which one and why?? Can’t pick your own because that’s freaking cheating..
Gideon Cross. Hands down. No second thoughts. I would gladly have his fictional babies.

Book Trollop: Well, I think there would be a ton of us that would want to rape… I mean be on a deserted Island with that fine piece of ass…

   Who gives you the biggest author boner?
Jessica Park. Lesbihonest here... I would jump the fence for her.

Book Trollop: OOoOOoO Me too she gets my lady wood fucking saluting!!!! Let’s start an I <3 Jessica Park fan club!!!!

  Favorite drink, alcoholic or plain?
Dr. Pepper and Coffee. On bad days.. Malibu rum and pineapple.

Book Trollop: Coffee is my CRACK too!!

   Stuck in an elevator with one song playing which one could you listen to over and over and never get bored?
Moth's wings by Passion Pit. I want to marry his voice.

Book Trollop: BRB *goes to Spotify* ok I’m back awesome SONG…next question

Hopes for the future and your books?
I hope in the future I will still be enjoying writing as much as I am now. As for my books I hope to write whatever I feel is relevant to me. I never want to be like the next guy. Even if breaking away from what's "popular" means writing suicide. I'd rather fail miserably for writing something I find intriguing, than succeeding and following the bandwagon.

Book Trollop: We all appreciate an author who will choose her own path... Well, I do! Fuck everyone else if they don’t... No not really but you gave a fantastic answer!!

 Who/what inspires you the most in your life?
Life in general inspires me. The little, unorthodox things inspire me. My upcoming WIP was inspired by a conversation I had with my mother about the nerves in her leg twitching. All the inspiration we need is around us. We just need be looking and listening.

Book Trollop: Porn inspires me *winks*

   Favorite food to make and eat?
Thai. Love Thai!

Book Trollop: Never had it… Too afraid to try anything in this backwoods town!

   Craziest thing you and your friends have done?
Refer to most situations between Ande and the gang in Cutting Deep.

Book Trollop: Well fuck I need to reread it now!!

   Dance naked in a public place but no people around or dance on stage in front of a million people?
Dance on stage. Sounds like a good adrenaline rush.

Book Trollop: Oh come on, naked is freeing!!

                Favorite dinosaur?

Book Trollop: *gives blank stare* busts out laughing*... I’ve got nothing

  Ever pee your pants in public?
Does my front lawn count?

Book Trollop: errr suuuuree

 One person you could never live without? You know besides family members because well, DUH.
Only one? Seriously? This question is an asshole. I'm picking more than one. My VERY few girlfriends. I wouldn't survive without them.

Book Trollop: fucking cheater

 Ever been in a love triangle?
Urrmmm.. Yes...But I was seventeen.. Doesn't count until you're eighteen.

Book Trollop: I see why the cuntasaurus is your favorite dinosaur now ;)

 Favorite sexual position to write about or experience yourself?
My sex scenes involve refrigerators. Not sure what the position would be called?

Book Trollop: The Twaterator

Bullets, dildos, or hand?
Yes please. Oh I'm supposed to pick one? Dildos.

Book Trollop: I really just wanted to know what to get you for your birthday!! So thanks!!

1 Big cock but dumb as shit or smaller than average cock and knows how to work it and your mind?
Average and a brain. Smart people are sexy.

Book Trollop: Good thing we are fucking geniuses ;)

Thongs, grannies, bikinis or commando?
Grannies on laundry day and bikinis every day.

Book Trollop: Sexy

Favorite attribute that gets you hot and bothered on a man?
A fantastic smile and beautiful eyes. Licking may occur if a man posses these two attributes.

Book Trollop: Yummm… Eyes get me every time too!!

Thank you slut for taking the time out and letting me interview you. You are my first official Author interview so thanks for popping my cherry!!

Love you long time!! 
And hurry up with that second book bitch… ;)

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  1. So I may or may not of spit coffee out of my mouth while reading this. You two are HILARIOUS and I love it!!!! <3