Thursday, October 10, 2013

{Review}{Giveaway} Draw of the Bane by Amy Bol

Holy crap!!!
 Wolves... Bane... Blood.. Alpha... can't wait for the rest of this series.. 

Wolves are born to breed. And Mila's blood was some of the rarest and most coveted, the most arousing, regal…powerful. Yet, she lives alone; hiding in America since childhood as a refugee of a great den war, having already watched everyone she's ever cared about die around her. She refuses to give into the urges of her wolf blood and allow herself to change, especially as she would then become a beacon to the wolf that, years ago as a child, marked her against her will. And worse, she would want to be found. Becoming the wolf could mean losing the will of her own heart. Still, she is done running and ready to take a stand.

When Landon wanders onto her property hunting the wolves responsible for his parents' death, she allows the wounded human to recover in her home against her better judgment. They soon discover they share a common enemy, and an attraction unlike anything the strong, stubborn and powerful young blueblood has ever experienced. But when the looming battle descends upon them, they must both learn to trust each other if they want to survive.

This is an adult book, not recommended for young readers.

My Thoughts

HOLY Shit!! 
What. The. Fuck.Did.I.Just.Read????

This book was sooooo damn good!! It was so original, not your typical paranormal and it had such an intriguing concept... 

This book starts off with Mila wandering through the woods where she happens upon a group of wolves.. 
Apparently these wolves are not just any wolves, they have their own humanity, well sort of. 
As she is about to take flight to get away from them, Landon steps up to try and protect her but in the end it is Mila who saves his life...

The action does not stop there though.. even after Mila helps Landon he wants to repay her in some way... 
(I was all for him helping her vagina, I mean that girl needed to get laid and quick)...

She reluctantly agrees but wants Landon out of there as soon as possible. 
It isn't until an unexpected visitor comes knocking on Mila's door that Landon decides she needs him more than she is letting on.... 
This time Landon puts his foot down.. 
Mila knows she is in trouble..

I know I am being kind of vague but I can't ruin the magic of this story...
The author does such an amazing job with taking you on a journey with the characters, feeding you little pieces of information but not giving away the important stuff until later on in the book. 
It isn't drawn out either, she gives you the right amount to keep you invested and not frustrated from the unanswered questions..

I was eager and ready to get to the end of this story, not because I wanted it to end, but I needed to know what was going to happen. 
There was so much action, swoon, an ancient story, that leaves your mind enriched in information. 
Plus, even though it is paranormal (because people cannot become wolves-duh) the author makes it seem real, as if it could really happen. 
She gives you history and intertwines it in the story with legends and family trees that has your mind reeling with "what ifs" and possibilities..

There was also steam.. Oh MY Gosh was there steam between Landon and Mila! 
I swooned, I got teary eyed, laughed, and some parts had me panting in anticipation with what was about to happen. 
There was also so much build up, no quick jump in the sac, the author teases you and lets you build enough sexual tension within yourself before she lets you release it.. 
I was seriously on edge, waiting, anticipating, I may or may not have tried to hump the husband's leg, just salivating until I hit the good shit..
You know the good shit...
 Where you want to imagine yourself in that situation.. 
Yeah that good shit.. and it was GOOOODDD.. 

 The legends, myths, families... everything was so well put together and no stone was left unturned.. I knew everything and then when it wrapped up I was craving more..BUT the best part was; it did not leave off on a cliffhanger, you get a complete story and get everything answered!! 

I can't wait to see what happens with Landon and Mila next


I give this book between 4-5 so 4.5 and if you want a to read a different paranormal story with a very intriguing concept then YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!! 
HELL, even if you do not care for paranormal books, this is still so GREAT that you will LOVE it anyway!! 

Lucky for you, there is a giveaway I am having and the author gave us a copy of this magnificent book. 
But if you want to, without a doubt, OWN this book for yourself, I would go here:

Barnes & Noble:

About the Author:

I have always loved to write. My first book, a novella of short stories titled "Complements of a Dying Man" about losing my young husband to cancer, was a test to learn how to upload my work into Amazon. I was touched by the feedback and positive reviews which describe it as both humorous and heartfelt.
But my real love is writing adult, paranormal romance. My first novel in The Blueblood Legacies series, Draw of the Bane, is out now. I'm currently writing the sequel, Rise of the Red Wolf.
I live with one hot fiancée and two stubborn little girls who take after their mother (I know, pray for the man of the house). I have a serious addiction to coffee & diet coke, which I have no plans to stop, eat chocolate like they're going to quit making it, and treat April Fool's Day as if it were a serious holiday, because, it is. You've been warned.


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