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{Review}{Giveaway} Beyond Fate by Heather Lyons

Oh, be still my heart... 

There are always two sides to every story . . .

His whole life, Jonah Whitecomb has strove to meet everyone’s expectations of him: the perfect student, dutiful son, loyal twin, accomplished surfer, and powerful Magical. But behind his carefully composed façade hides the truth of how his family has fallen apart, leaving Jonah more often than not feeling adrift. To complicate matters, he fell in love long ago with a girl in his dreams, one he’s never told anyone about, including his twin brother.

Just when life seems its bleakest, Jonah discovers that Chloe is real. Wanting to finally reach out and grab happiness for himself, he embarks on a journey to track down the girl of his dreams, only to find that happy endings aren’t always guaranteed, the best laid out plans can go horribly awry, and sometimes, you have to simply let yourself go along for the ride.

* Beyond Fate is Jonah’s point-of-view of the events of A Matter of Fate, and is a companion novella.

My Thoughts

This book was a novella, so this review is going to be a little shorter than normal...

It is no secret that I absolutely ADORE the Fate Series by Heather Lyons, I talk about these books a LOT on my FB page and I am even apart of the street team
 (this in no way influence my reviews, I am completely honest with them)

I loved A Matter of Fate and A Matter of Heart, they are just so unique with the paranormal aspects. 
The books have everything from elders to Greek God references, while the story just sucks you in and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. 
You will never see what is coming next. 
The characters are so well developed that YOU feel every emotion they are feeling and YOU feel torn, like YOUR heart is bursting from all the angst. 

Seriously, phenomenal writing and story telling!!

Which leads me into this sweet little novella, that I would like to call the 
"soul crushing novella". 

This novella takes place during A Matter of Fate and instead of being inside Chloe's head, we are inside the mind of beautiful, sweet, Jonah. 
Jonah, OH JONAH, is one half of a twin set and not only is his brother his identical twin but they have freaky twin powers and no I will not go over the powers they have because that takes all the fun out of it. 

Jonah has a Connection, this Connection is with Chloe Lilywhite. 
This connection is like completing the other half of you, soul mates if you will...but better.
 ahhh but this connection happens to be the best/worst thing that could happen to Johah. 

You might ask WHY this connection could be the WORST??
.. will have to read the first book to find this out.. 

I won't giveaway the secrets..

Throughout this novella, I get to see what Jonah went through in A Matter of Fate. 
The pain, anguish, tears, fury.. All of it.. and trudging through, I am gutted from deep within my soul because I feel it too, I FEEL IT TOO!! 
I am blaming Fate and her cruel sense of humor, my heart aches for these fictional characters and I don't care who knows it.. 

Jonah.. sweet, sweet, Jonah. 
I am sorry I ever thought Chloe belonged to that other guy because honestly she was yours, FIRST and I hope you end up with her after all this madness is over!!

And Fate needs to stop being a bitch.... 
Ok there, I said it!!!! 

They need a break, a HUGE break and a happily ever after...
all of them! 
phewww ok, now that I got that off my chest....

I give this novella a 5/5 because I <3 Jonah and this author produces amazing tales that take you to places you never could have imagined!!! If you have read A Matter of Fate, I would pick up this novella because it is FAB! 
If you have not read A Matter of Fate then you need too ASAP!! 

<3 Here is a little teaser for all you Book Trollops and Fate Series Lovers <3

Check out this giveaway...

About Heather Lyons:
Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.

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