Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{REVIEW} Beautiful Liar by Glenna Maynard

Sometimes life has a way of deciding things for you. Some call it fate.
When Darby Stuart left her high school sweetheart on bended knee three years ago, she never dreamed of seeing him again. The past three years have been rough, but she finally has her life on track. She has new job at the Masquerade Club,and a new man in her life Turner Mathews.
When Brody Case was left on bended knee three years ago he never gave up on his love for Darby. The past three years without her have been hell. After a failed marriage and his career taking a downward spiral he knows he must find her again.
When fate crosses their paths once more, will Brody still feel the same when he discovers the lie Darby fed him years ago? Will fate and lies rekindle what was? Or will Darby find a new life with Turner?

My Thoughts

I wanted to absolutely fall in love with this book because the whole concept of the book was so intriguing but I just couldn't fall head over heels. 

I am going to start with the bad and then work my way to the good..

So the flow of this book was off...the writing was also off...it just seemed like everything all of a sudden worked out without much rhyme or reason as to why or someone would die and then problem solved (gosh not very nice ;) ). 
I can't put my finger on why I didn't like the writing, maybe it needed to be edited, take things out, add things, stuff like that. 
I just didn't get into it much, maybe it was too short and I just needed more substance? 
I don't know.. 

Ok lets move on to the good stuff...

It had great components. The characters were really great, Darby was determined, strong and she was very likable. She had one whopping secret and the readers get to experience everything she went through to not only keep it but the consequences of it. 
Turner was swoon-worthy and freaking HOT. He was always interested in Darby but she kept sticking him in the friend category, that is until he put the moves on her and had her begging for more when it was done.. ;)
Darby's mom was great and gave great advice when Darby needed it the most and even Brody was ok when he wasn't being a douche. 
The sex was also steamy and made me all hot and bothered, like umm whoa! 

The whole concept of long lost love, keeping secrets, and finding new love with a friend was intriguing and made me want to read it in the first place. Plus it wasn't predictable, I didn't expect the ending to happen the way it did but I am glad that it did end the way it did. 

It made me laugh a few times and the drama wasn't over the top, where I wanted to pull my hair out, it had the right balance. 
I did on a few occasions get teary eyed because there were subjects that were just plain sad and the author did an amazing job making the reader feel the pain and sadness as if it was happening to them. 

Overall, I give this book 3.5 stars and if you want a fast paced, quick love story with a little drama the go here to check it out for yourself:

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