Tuesday, June 9, 2015

{Review} Amber Smoke by Kristin Cast

There is a world that runs parallel to our own, a world in which the souls of the damned are caged, where they are looked over by the Furies, and where they spend eternity in torment, mirroring the devastation and mayhem they created when alive.

Someone has opened the cage.

The worst of terrors has crossed the barrier that separates our world from theirs, and the Furies send a great, albeit untested warrior—their only son, Alek—to try to bring those souls back. He is young and handsome, headstrong and impulsive, and he won’t be able to do it alone.

Eva has grown up, beautiful and beloved, but surrounded by secrets. First, she will be hunted in an ancient feud that will threaten her life. Then, she will become the hunter.

With the police closing in and two worlds on the verge of crumbling around them, Alek and Eva must find each other, discover the limits of their powers, and work together to save everything they hold dear, including one another. Blending elements of mythology with the dazzling storytelling that her fans have devoured through the House of Nightseries, Kristin Cast weaves a spellbinding and passionate tale that starts a thrilling new series with an explosive charge.

I think Amber Smoke is going to be one of those books that you HAVE to read in oder to know what is happening in the rest of the series. But you will be left disappointed at the end because not much happens, other than what Eva may or may not turn into (not giving away anything). 

The disappointment fog hasn't lifted in the weeks since reading this book. Not much of anything is resolved or explained, it just seemed like a book full of filler information that may be important later in the series. 

The book should be labeled as more of a prequel than Book 1. Will this disappointment deter me from reading the next book? No, and that is because I know this author and she can produce some mind-blowing stories that leave your heart pounding, wondering WTF is going on, and what is going to happen next. So even if Amber Smoke didn't quite get there with me, I know it will get better, it has to. Because it can only go up from here...

I will say I liked Alek, I think he was a bit whiny and immature until he meets Eva and then he realized what his purpose was in life so he got his head out of his ass and became determined to the cause. Eva seems very sheltered and I know there are a lot of mysteries surrounding her family that I am positive I will discover more as the books continue. 

The way the book ended was suppose to be a cliff hanger but really, it just irritated me, since there wasn't much to discover in the book beforehand. If I can sum up an entire story in a single sentence, then there wasn't much detail to really stand out and make the book incredible. 

So I will say wait until the second book is out before diving into this one and hopefully the next one will be Book-gasmic!! 

I give book 1 (more of a prequel in my opinion) a 3"disappointed but willing to continue the series" Stars!! 

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