Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{Review} The Normal Kind of Crazy by L.J Voss

What else can Imogen Jones want in her life? She has her own business, has two amazing best friends, and an eccentric senior citizen who raised her when her mom died. She even has her very own Mr. Darcy, even if he happens to come in the form of her pet pig. There’s even something brewing with a local coffee roaster.

But when Imogen is used as blackmail against the father she never knew, she’ll have to trust a handsome and frustrating FBI agent to keep her safe.

As they try to stay one step ahead of the threat, can they keep things strictly professional? Can he keep her safe until the threat passes?

Oh Mr. Darcy, what a pink, wet snout you have... 

This is a debut novel from L.J Voss and I have to say that it was quite good. There were some issues I had but we will get to them eventually. 

First off, I LOVED Imogen, she was sarcastic, witty, and a pain in the ass to every male species she came in contact with... 

Just like a real woman should be ;)...

Oh, and she could bake and shit.

I really enjoyed being in her head, it was like being in my own head and I love myself, so it's fitting haha.. She had a big heart and practically adopted odd furry friends in order to give it a better life. Which brings me to Mr. Darcy and Cleo, furry friends that you can't help but love and love the fact that they were included in this story. It gave the story more substance. 

ALso, the secondary characters were substantial in the grand scheme of things. They added to the story but kept the main focus on the story rather than distracting from it. Except for June, because she seems to like being an attention whore.. 

Speaking of whores... TWO GUYS, IMOGEN?? You little slut puppy!! I guarantee anyone reading this book will have a hard time picking between two complete opposite but great guys!! 
I did... But I may lean more towards the guy who supplies the good crack and by crack, I mean coffee.. Who wouldn't love a man who could fulfill my needs in the bedroom AND in the kitchen with mouth watering coffee-gasms!!

The storyline was incredible! I loved everything about what was happening and the twists and turns that left me on edge and praying... 
BUT with that being said, the story needed more build up, more anticipation, everything seemed a little too rushed and the information was given away, way too easily. 
As soon as Imogen asked a question, it was given to her. It would have made the story really POP, if she was left in the dark a while longer so the reader would HAVE to keep reading in order to figure out WTF was going on. Since the information was given so freely, the story dragged a bit because I already knew what was happening. 

BUT... BUT... 
even with the information given automatically, the story itself was still enough to enjoy the book and with the personalities involved, it made the story enjoyable to read. 

So overall, I give this debut a 4 "I want coffee-gasms" Stars!!!


My Kiddos... 

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