Thursday, June 20, 2013

SWOoOOoNNn Your panties off Thursday

Swoon-Worthy Directions
  • Grab your current/just read book 
  • Turn to a swoon worthy moment
  • Post it and make sure to provide details of where 
  • Make sure to let everyone know what book it is from so they can enjoy it as WELL..

I finished Falling Into You last night and there are so many drop your panties and swoon moments, it is really hard to pick which one to choose...
But I am going to pick a non-popular highlight one.. 

Falling Into You- Swoon-Worthy Moment: 
"But Colton makes me okay, not because he fixes me, just because he’s him. He’s unchanging. He’s raw and rough and kind and smart and nearly illiterate but so brilliant and so talented and so fucking hot it’s absurd, and he’s mine. And all that makes me okay, because he loves me, even when I run away and even when I’m hyperventilating."

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